Thank you for choosing to donate to Stronghold MC! Here's what you need to know, before you do so.

- Everything that you donate for is unrefundable. This means that you may not retrieve rewards that you donated for in-game, and then refund them.

- If there are any issues with a donation, please bring this issue up to the Staff Team.

- You are responsible for your own reward items. If you are to donate for an item, and then lose it by dying in game, etc, then you can not get the item back.

- You may lose access to the server, through breaking the server rules (, but this does not mean that you can refund a donation. If you believe you were banned from the server unfairly, you may make a ban appeal on the server Discord (

- If you choose to donate to Stronghold MC, you must understand that it is a donation, and not a purchase. This means that you are not buying goods, you are simply making a donation to the upkeep and progression of the server itself.

- Please note that all non-cosmetic donation rewards will be given out to all players online at the given time of donation.